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Clearview H. Pylori Test

Clearview H. pylori uses rapid, two-step technology for the direct detection of Helicobacter pylori antibodies. Reduce the risk of gastric cancer with the fast, accurate and early diagnosis of H. pylori infection

  • The vast majority of gastric infections are asymptomatic

  • Clinical trials have shown that H. pylori is associated with 98% of patients with duodenal ulcer and around 80% of those with gastric ulcer

  • Infected H. pylori patients have a 2-6 fold increased risk of developing gastric cancer

  • One fifth of cancers worldwide are due to chronic infections, including H. pylori in stomach cancers

Clearly Different

The patented, innovative technology used by Clearview H. pylori provides highly sensitive and specific detection of H. pylori.

  • Fast: two-step test provides results in 10 minutes
  • Easy: simple procedure; CLIA-waived for whole blood
  • Reliable: built-in procedural control
  • Flexible: use with multiple sample types -- whole blood, serum or plasma

Features and Benefits

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Results in 10 minutes
Inbuilt procedural control
Can be used with Serum, plasma or whole blood (venous and fingerprick)
Easy-to-use and to interpret result
Minimal training required
Room temperature storage
Ready to use, leaves valuable refrigerator space free
Long shelf life
Small volume users need not worry that product will expire before used