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Clearview HIV 1 & 2 Stat Pak


- Kit includes 20 test

- Provides highly sensitive and specific tests for the detection of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in whole blood

- CLIA Waived for Whole Blood, Non-Waived For Serum & Plasma

- Rapid Reporting - Results in 15 minutes

- Reliability - Built-in control confirms sample addition and proper test performance

- Flexibility - Use with multiple sample types –whole blood (finger stick or venipuncture), serum or plasma.

- Reliable results - 99.7% sensitivity, 99.9% specificity

- Detects HIV 1 and HIV 2 for a complete picture in one test

- 15 minute results mean STAT decision making, quickly and confidently while patient is present

- Minimal sample size of 5 ìL reduces sample handling and exposure risk, less invasive for patient

- Multiple specimen types to fit your lab and practice patterns

- Long 24-month shelf life allows your offices to purchase in volume

- Includes:

  • One HIV 1/2 Stat PAK Test Device

  • One disposable 5uL Sample Loop

  • HIV Running Buffer

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